New plug-in module for "Data Centre Solution"

Optically and technically upgraded

Fully equipped MTP-on-LCQ plug-in modules for our sub-racks (3RU/4RU) and patch panels (1RU) form a core component of the Datwyler Data Centre Solution plug-and-go fibre optic system. These high-performance pre-assembled plug-in modules, which are available for OM3, OM4 and OS2, make it possible to achieve the best optical values and highest packing densities.

The new plug-in module, for which we have filed two patent applications, is no longer made from anodised aluminium, but from robust black plastic with customer-specific printable labelling strips on both sides of the LC quads. Inside the housing is a neat cable management system to ensure more stable internal fibre control.

The plug-in module is also available with splice cassettes for a maximum of 24 fibres. This version replaces the previous splice plug-in module, which gave users only one – albeit longer – 12-fibre cassette.

You will find the first new data sheets here. Others will follow soon.