New FTTH wall outlet

FO data outlet also available with 80x80x23,5 mm

Datwyler has introduced a new fibre optic data outlet for indoor FTTH cabling. It measures 80 x 80 x 23.5 mm and can be wall mounted, either directly or using a suitable surface mounted or recessed 80 x 80 mm housing. It provides cable entry from all four sides and from the rear, enabling the best cable bend radius provision and design flexibility.

Datwyler delivers the new FTTH wall outlet with two SC/APC Simplex or two LCD/APC couplers for convenience and quick connection of pre-assembled cables. An installation kit, supplied with pre-assembled leads, will be available soon. The data outlet is also available with pre-terminated pigtails (G.657.A1 optical fibre) and with a holder for crimp splice protection. Further variants - adapters with integrated laser protection cover, for example - can also be supplied if required.

Please see the data sheet for more details.