New "Data Centre Cabling" short catalogue

Make sure of your personal copy

Our new "Data Centre Cabling" short catalogue appeared a few days ago. The 32 pages of this catalogue provide an overview of our current product range. It invites readers to choose between three different approaches for the fail-safe high-speed data transmission solution in their data centre: classical cabling using copper and / or fibre-optic technology, a complete or partially pre-assembled solution with multiple cables (trunks), or the "Datwyler Data Centre Solution", our modular high-density fibre-optic solution.

The "Data Centre Cabling" short catalogue, which is available in English and German, incorporates two tables which compare the three different approaches. 

The new catalogue is available as a PDF file to download from our home page (3 MB). Any Datwyler branch office will be happy to take orders for the printed version