New 10-gigabit copper solution

Unshielded Cat.6A cables and components

For the first time Datwyler is able to offer its customers a continuous unshielded Class EA cabling system. The system solution comprises CU 692 4P symmetrical data cable, the KU Plus 1/8 RJ45 module, the KU 24x-sg patch panel and tried and tested Cat.6A (IEC) RJ45 patch cables. This makes it possible to achieve transmission rates of up to 10 Gbit/s.

The CU 692 4P is an unshielded twisted-pair cable (U/UTP) of 8.5 mm external diameter. This AWG23 cable of high electrical and mechanical quality meets all the international standard requirements of a Category 6A (500 MHz) product, gives high attenuation reserves and good tensile strength.

The KU Plus 1/8 RJ45 module has a robust flame-retardant plastic enclosure with clip fastening for keystone panels and data outlets and a dust protection flap. In conjunction with unshielded Category 6A data cables it allows acceptance testing for Class EA permanent links with good spare capacity for 10 GbE transmissions. Both module and cable also meet the requirements for PoE+.

The KU 24x-sg patch panel is an unshielded 19-inch/1U panel of flame-retardant plastic with a metal front and integrated strain relief. Up to 24 RJ45 Category 6A keystone modules can simply be snapped into the frame. The vertically offset openings (sg = staggered) ensure effective prevention of alien crosstalk between the unshielded cables.

The complete system solution will be available from May onwards.