More Data Centre events in Singapore

Data Center Professionals meet again in July

The "Singapore Data Center Professionals Meetup", a volunteer special interest group for data center professionals, invites to two events on July 9 and 24.

The first event will give IT managers, system administrators, data center managers and designers as well as anybody who is enthusiast in servers and data center hardware the opportunity to discuss the emerging server technology to reduce energy consumption in a data center. This event will take place at Fujitsu Asia in Singapore and will include a tour and live demo in Fujitsu's server room. 

The second events will be a technical workshop at Datwyler Singapore (plus Webinar) on large scale solar thermal cooling in data centers. Two experienced solar thermal industry professionals will lecture and discuss the fundamentals of LST, the possibilities and limitations, the economics and payback as well as how to specify and evaluate LST project proposals.

For participation R.S.V.P. is a must.
Please see here for R.S.V.P and further Information.