High-end 40GBase-T transmission over copper cable

A real cable innovation!

The new Category 8.2 copper data cables – type CU 8203 4P and type CU 8206 flex – and ARJ45 connectors (A = Augmented) which we showcased on the exhibition stands during recent weeks are a system solution of the future. They allow high-end 40GBase-T transmission over a 30-metre channel in the 2-connector model.

Live demos with test measurements held on our TeleNetfair stand every day comprised a transmission channel made from Datwyler’s new data and flex cables and two ARJ45 connectors. These live demos provided an impressive demonstration of the outstanding transmission characteristics of our cables up to 2GHz, due not least to their excellent screening with paired and braided shielding (CA ≥85dB).

At the same time they confirm the current standardisation work being carried out on cables and transmission links by the ISO and TIA.