Halogen-free electrical installation

The right material for increased fire safety

Halogen-free plastics do not release harmful smoke gases in the event of fire and are therefore much preferable to the usual PVC in electrical installations. Our new armoured conduits comply with this modern standard.

The inhalation of toxic smoke gas is one of the most frequent causes of injury and death during fires. The main factors which make the smoke so dangerous are the substances created by the burning of halogenated plastics, especially PVC. These are highly toxic and in combination with moisture release corrosive gases which can also attack the building fabric.

In many areas – particularly in public building projects – the use of PVC is banned in favour of halogen-free plastics.

Datwyler has taken this requirement into account with new high-quality armoured conduits. The tubes are easy to install, maintenance-free, and guarantee minimum smoke generation in the event of fire, are flame-retardant and chemical- and temperature-resistant. They comply with Standards IEC/EN 61386-21 and 60423 as well as the LSF0H Standard.