Glittering birthday party in China

On 14th October 2015 Datwyler Cabling Solutions celebrated its 100th birthday in Taicang, China, with a big staff party and many notable guests.

A glittering celebration at the Taicang production site in Jiangsu Province was attended by numerous guests from home and abroad who came to congratulate Datwyler on its birthday. They included representatives from the Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai, local authorities, the umbrella association of the Swiss Chambers of Foreign Trade SwissCham and the Swiss Centre. All the supervisory board members of the Datwyler group of companies – Pema Holding AG, Dätwyler Holding AG and Dätwyler Cabling Solutions AG – as well as the Datwyler executive management were present in Taicang to tour the new company site and celebrate the firm’s 100th birthday with the Chinese management team of Datwyler Cabling Solutions.

Accompanied by the Chinese management team the guests visited the production site opened in 2014. Lunch was then served in the Rhine Hotel in Taicang, where there were several welcome addresses and speeches, including from Ulrich Graf, President of the Supervisory Board of Pema Holding AG and Dätwyler Holding AG, from Zhu Wanli, deputy mayor of Taicang and Director of the Administrative Committee of the local Economic Development Area, and from Alexander Hoffet, Swiss Consul General in Shanghai. They all expressed their best wishes to the company on its 100th birthday. Johannes Müller, CEO, and Xia Xubing, the Chinese General Manager, delivered the keynote address on behalf of Datwyler Cabling Solutions.

Close relationship with staff

Every staff member received a small gift as a memento of the event. Long-serving employees, recent arrivals and anyone who happened to have a birthday on the day received their presents in person from the management. Company management and staff representatives then joined in cutting the birthday cake. This gesture expressed Datwyler’s traditional close involvement with their employees’ concerns. The festivities concluded with a traditional Chinese theatre performance which was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience.

A party with brilliant moments for guests and hosts, and with something for everyone.

Keep growing with the challenges

Over the past 100 years Datwyler has grown from a small indebted company in the Swiss canton of Uri into a multinational group of companies with over 7500 employees, a total turnover of around 1.4 billion euros and branches throughout the world. Over these 100 years Datwyler has always been determined to grow with the challenges.

"Since 1915 there have been plenty of situations and circumstances which made life difficult for the company," explained Xia Xubing on the occasion of the centenary. "But at the same time each new challenge presents a new opportunity, and Datwyler has used these opportunities to its advantage and expanded its business operations throughout the world. We are committed to carrying on this tradition – as well as the strong values of the Datwyler group of companies."