FO patch panels with new design

FO boxes OV-A and OV-AT now with black housings

Datwyler is further enhancing its FO patch panels, OV-A and OV-AT, for 2013. While the extractable drawers (OV-A) and drawers with telescopic slides (OV-AT) have been delivered with black lacquering for the past three years, Datwyler will also provide its customers with black housings from now on.

This change concerns all unloaded and loaded 1U and 2U FO patch panels with or without telescopic slides.

The front plates and adjustable 19" mounting brackets will still be available in three designs: light grey (similar to RAL 7035), black (similar to RAL 9005) and stainless steel.

Any existing parts and components can be used together with these patch panels.

For a short transitional period some of Datwyler´s OV-A and OV-AT FO patch panels - the loaded splice boxes and breakout boxes in particular - will still be delivered with galvanized metal sheet housings.