"Economy" solutions for sub-floor boxes

Extended product range saves time and money

Our ready-to-connect floor boxes, assembled to meet customer requirements, are the ideal answer to providing office work stations with an economical, flexible and secure supply of power and data - especially when combined with our energy flat-form cable system ECO-A and our pre-assembled data cables.

To simplify the installation of RJ45 and GG45 jacks in floor boxes we have extended our existing range to incorporate "Economy" solutions. These include inserts with a fixed size cut-out into which Keystone jacks can be clipped directly, i.e. without additional adapter plates. We are also in the process of testing a new generation of adapter plates for a wide variety of jack types which can be assembled without screws or tools. Both versions are considerably cheaper, and you also profit from shorter installation times.

You can obtain further information from our Product Manager Stefan Zech (contact). The new data sheets will follow shortly.