Easier determination of trunk cable lengths

Single solution for copper and FO multi-conductor cables

To make it easier for customers to measure out and order their specific trunk cables Datwyler has simplified length calculation and standardised it for copper and fibre optic trunks. From now on the length to order (L) will basically be the length between both dividers or fixing areas.

The "legs" (A and B) will continue to be made as required for a specific application, for example with staggered or equal-length single cables.

Preassembled trunk cables from Datwyler are the perfect answer to implementing new building projects, conversions, modifications and extensions safely and more cost-effectively without any loss of quality or performance. Datwyler supplies individually printed trunks which have already been tested and documented in compliance with the latest standards (with test certificates).

This means that installers and operators, especially those of data centres, can draw on products enabling them to install even relatively complex systems in the shortest possible time and to the highest possible quality.