Don’t focus solely on the price of safety cable!

Datwyler cables with extended circuit integrity bring many benefits

Datwyler supplies high voltage and low voltage safety cables, the system circuit integrity (E30 to E90) of which is tested in accordance with stringent German standard DIN 4102-12. Unlike cables with insulation integrity (conforming to IEC 60331-x, EN 50200, BS 6387…) these, together with their supporting and mounting systems, are tested under realistic conditions in a fire chamber.

Numerous such tests on our own cable support systems and fixing devices as well as on those of all the reputable manufacturers provide assemblers with a wide variety of possible installations. So if a Datwyler cable has "E30-E60" or "E90" on it, this information applies to all the common installation variants.

Because of their innovative ceramic insulation our cables with system circuit integrity are relatively flexible and light (low fire load) and are very easy to strip and handle. Routed in single clamps, they allow large mounting distances and even bundled installations. Larger fill factors on cable trays and ladders can be achieved than with many comparable products. All of this saves time and money.

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