Datwyler micro cables approved

Now part of the Vodafone Germany network

In mid-October 2014 Vodafone GmbH gave us the production go-ahead for our micro cables. This means that the full range of innovative Datwyler micro cables is now approved for use in the Vodafone Germany network.

Comprehensive type approval tests to Vodafone GmbH’s specifications were carried out in their presence at our Altdorf (Switzerland) cable plant prior to series production approval.

The first production batch of micro cables for Vodafone GmbH construction projects was delivered at the end of October 2014. 

Datwyler micro cables are ideal for bridging sizeable distances in fibre optic backbones and access networks. They have already been blown into over 1000 km of microduct systems throughout Germany.

The Datwyler cables available to cable network designers and contract installers are very thin, non-metallic products of diverse structure with 12 or 24 fibres per bundle, optimised for blowing into microducts.

Datwyler has many years of experience in the development and production of specialist fibre optic cables for access networks, wide area applications and building cabling.