Datwyler invests in its future in China

Datwyler opened a major new production facility in Taicang

Front view of Datwyler’s main building in Taicang

Local and international guests conveyed their congratulations at the opening ceremony on 19 September 2014.

View into the production facility

The establishment of Datwyler (Suzhou) Cabling Solutions Co. Ltd. was an important step for the company in its strategic repositioning on the Chinese market. In early 2014, with the integration of Datwyler Cables+Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., established in China back in 1998, both companies united under the umbrella of Datwyler (Suzhou) Cabling Solutions. The final steps in the merger are set to take place at the Taicang site during this year.

In the city of Taicang in Jiangsu Province Datwyler (Suzhou) Cabling Solutions has a major production site on 42,000 square metres. Eleven production lines for data cables, including insulation, stranding, sheathing etc., are currently already in operation, and will turn out 400 boxes of 305 metres of cable per day when working at full capacity. In addition, there are eleven lines for the production of lift cables, again including various processing methods, with a monthly capacity of 500 kilometres. Machinery for the fabrication of fibre optic cable, injection moulding equipment and much more will be added in the near future.

With the new plant, and with production planning continually adjusted to meet demand, Datwyler is in a prime position to meet the steadily growing requirements of the Chinese market, both now and in the future.

Well-attended opening ceremony
At a grand opening ceremony on 19 September 2014 Datwyler welcomed many guests including Heinrich Schellenberg, at that time the Swiss Consul General in Shanghai, Wang Jianfeng, the local Party Secretary, Du Xiaogang, the mayor of Taicang, and other dignitaries, who in turn conveyed their congratulations on the opening. Chen Weidong, Managing Director of Datwyler (Suzhou) Cabling Solutions, delivered an impassioned speech in which he recapitulated the construction of the plant. Other speakers were Paul J. Hälg, representing the Board of Dätwyler Cabling Solutions AG, the Swiss Consul General, and some Chinese officials. The ceremony climaxed with the traditional lion dance and the joint ribbon-cutting.

The evening meal started with a short speech by Johannes Müller, CEO of Datwyler Cabling Solutions, and a welcoming address by Christine Wang, Datwyler's Marketing Manager in China. A sand painting performance then gave the guests an insight into the history, culture and values of the company, founded in Switzerland 100 years ago. The striking sequence of pictures made a deep impression - and also convinced the guests that Datwyler has big plans for China.