Datwyler Data Centre Solution passes 100G "endurance test"

Comfortable reserves, maximum investment protection

We wanted to be sure that our new data centre cabling system is also suitable for future high-speed applications such as 40/100G Ethernet and 120G InfiniBand. So that we could give our customers a qualified answer to this question we arranged for tests to be carried out in Corning’s R&D laboratories under stringent conditions - over 200 metres and with 10 connectors.

The result was that the “Data Centre Solution” passed the 100G test with flying colours. There was 100% compliance with the maximum bit error rate of 10-12, insertion loss was significantly below the maximum on all fibres. Even the skew limits for 100GbE and 120GIB were easily met. With its comfortable reserves to the limits of the applicable standards, the new cabling system provides users with maximum investment protection.

Details are provided in our new White Paper.