Convent gets fibre optic network

Fiber-to-the-Office cabling installed by Datwyler

The Convent of St. Marienthal opted for an all-in-one Fiber-to-the-Office solution from Datwyler when repairing and modernising its data and telecommunications system following massive flood damage. First of all a main distribution area was created in the convent building, and all the convent premises were connected to this by a fibre optic ring between September 2012 and February 2013.

The fibre optic cabling in the offices, guest rooms and other areas terminated in mini switches. These little media converters allow today’s users to connect their PCs, laptops and telephones to the new network using copper connections as before. Mini switches are also used to integrate the Wireless LAN into the network.

If you are interested you can find the detailed case study here.