Compact high-end network isolators

For surge protection and galvanic isolation

To cover applications as diverse as medical technology, measurement technology and recording studios Datwyler is adding two models of modular Keystone design for device or permanent installation to its range of gigabit network isolators. These are provided with an RJ45 port at both ends and function as a patch cable coupler. This gives a high degree of flexibility in use. A connecting cable of predefined length is no longer required.

The EN-70HD-K (180°) and EN-70VD-K (90°) fit Keystone-compatible ports, for example the openings of our UP-K faceplates and many patch panels. They separate electrically conductive connections (wires and shielding) between devices linked by a copper-routed network connection, prevent equipotential current and protect connected devices from external voltages and voltage surges. They also greatly attenuate low-frequency signal components so that connected devices are protected from ripple pickup.

The network isolators transmit high-frequency alternating voltages on the electromagnetic induction principle in the frequency range used for data transmission. This transmission principle means that you do not need a dedicated power supply. The installation of drivers is not necessary.

The new products are designed for 1GBase-T applications. If the installed permanent link installations have the appropriate reserves, the network isolators meet the performance requirements of TIA 568 Cat.5e and of ISO 11801 Class D in the permanent link.

You will find the data sheet here.