25G – for office and data centre

New 25GBase-T solution from Datwyler

Available from Datwyler as of now are “CU 7725 4P” data cables, which can transmit up to 25 gigabits per second and provide an extended frequency range up to 1300 Megahertz (MHz). Users who install the high-end data cables together with the “KS-T8” RJ45 module benefit from a combination which forms an especially future-proof solution – up to 50 metres (Channel) in the data centre and in the office environment as well.

Depending on the fire performance requirement, the CU 7725 4P cables come in three versions – from Euroclass Dca to B2ca. The braid-shielded PiMF cables give a coupling attenuation (near end unbalance attenuation plus shielding attenuation) of 85 dB, thus achieving the best segregation class d.

By comparison with Category 8 cables such as Datwyler’s “CU 8203 4P” the new data cables have a larger conductor cross-section (AWG22), which means that they are ideally suited for the simultaneous transmission of electrical power up to 100 watts (PoE, PoE+ and 4PPoE).

You will find the data sheets here >