100 watts via the data network

RJ45 module KS-T Plus complies with 4PPoE Standard

Video cameras and WLAN devices which draw power over the data cable are commonplace today. The 4PPoE Standard – 100 watts over 4 pairs – opens up traditional data cabling to completely new possibilities. It can even be used to power and control office lighting, for example.

Our current White Paper (PDF>) tells you which cables and components you need. As the basis for 4PPoE applications we recommend our CU 7150 4P or CU 7702 4P copper data cables and the proven KS-T Plus RJ45 module, which even now meets the requirements of the future standard (see DELTA certificate).

We would also be happy to talk to you in person about shielding, heating and conductor cross-sections in the context of PoE.