06/11/2020iDACS are finalists for the DCS awards

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28/10/2020Cable connector in a new design

A new member of the copper data technology family

12/10/2020Rebranding of Datwyler Cabling Solutions LLC

Datwyler Cabling Solutions LLC is becoming Datwyler IT Infra Solutions LLC 

09/10/2020Rebranding of Dätwyler Cabling Solutions AG

Dätwyler Cabling Solutions AG is becoming Dätwyler IT Infra AG

08/10/2020Rebranding of Dätwyler Cables GmbH

Dätwyler Cables GmbH is becoming Dätwyler IT Infra GmbH

25/09/2020Innovation and tradition

At Datwyler the one is rooted in the other