Datwyler IT Infra

1915Adolf Dätwyler founded the company and began producing electrical conductors using aluminium.


The production of telephone cables began

1944 The production of high-frequency cables began.

1973Kaved Ltd. was acquired. The value chain was extended by adding cable harnessing. Datwyler produced the first flat cable for lifts with up to 400 metre shaft height.

1986The production of fibre optic cables began.

1987“Uninet“ (today: “Datwyler CU“) data cables and the future-proof concept for structured building cabling were introduced

1991Datwyler safety cable became the first fire safety cable in the world to successfully pass E90 testing as per DIN 4102-12.

1998International expansion: Datwyler entered the Chinese market.

2002Optofil Safety (today: “Datwyler FO Universal ... Safety”) became the first metal-free fibre optic cable with E30 circuit integrity as per DIN 4102-12.

2005 Datwyler significantly expanded its international distribution network, e.g. in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

2008Datwyler introduced pre-assembled trunk (multiple) cables and high-density systems that specifically address the demand for efficient data centre cabling.

2009Datwyler started to offer complete turnkey solutions for data networks, data centres and FTTx networks.

2010Datwyler became full service general contractor for several FTTx projects in Switzerland. Introduction of FTTH special cables and wall outlets.

2011Datwyler opened a branch in Dubai.

2012Introduction of the "Datwyler Data Centre Solution”.
Renaming to "Datwyler Cabling Solutions AG" in Switzerland (1 Nov 2012).

2013 Acquisition by Pema Holding AG.
Introduction of the first Category 8 data cable “CU 8203 4P".

2015 Datwyler introduced “FO Outdoor wbKT Micro Combi”, the first mini hybrid cable for NGN and NGA networks.

2016 The Cat.7 data cable “CU 7000 4P Home” with a diameter of only 5.8 mm and the “FO Outdoor wbKT S-Micro 12x24” with a diameter of only 10.4 mm were introduced.

2018 Datwyler opened a branch in Italy.

2019 Datwyler opened a branch in the Czech Republic.
Introduction of the “High-Density Data Centre Solution” (HD-DCS) and the Micro and Mini Data Centres.

2020 The “FO Universal DLTS” cable family was introduced.
Rebranding: “Datwyler Cabling Solutions” became “Datwyler IT Infra”.